2017 Information

GPAC timetable term 3 2017

Student Enrolment Form GPAC 2017


Please email us for prices and your 2017 information pack at info@gerrardsperformingartscentre.com.au

How to enrol?

Fill in the attached enrolment form and media release, scan and email back to us at info@gerrardsperformingartscentre.com.au. If you are unsure what classes would be suitable for you, please email us any questions you may have and we will be more than happy to advise what the best classes would be for you. Once we receive your enrolment form we will email you an invoice which you can pay via bank transfer, or in person at the studio at your first class. If you would like to try a class first, you may pay the casual rate, or decide at the end if you would like to pay for the term.

Photos/Video – Media Release Form

For promotion and marketing purposes we post photos/videos on our website and our facebook page. The concert is also filmed for the dvd. All parents are required to fill in a media release form upon enrolment. If you do not want your child to be in photos/videos please inform us. Please be aware that students will not be able to participate in the concert if they cannot be filmed.

Class rules and behavior policy:

  • No bullying allowed – parents will be informed of student behavior and students who continue to bully will not be allowed to continue classes if this behavior does not stop.
  • No physical or verbal abuse will be accepted and students will be asked to leave the school.
  • Students need to be supervised until their class begins and need to be picked up on time at the end of their class. Gerrard’s does not take responsibility for students outside their class time. All students need to be picked up from inside the studio and will not be permitted to walk through the car park.
  • Attendance – Students are required to attend all classes leading up to exams and performances. If students do not regularly attend classes they may be pulled out of the exam or performance at the teachers discretion.
  • Be on time to class – It is disrupting to other students and teachers when students arrive late to class, and when students leave early.
  • Wear the appropriate class attire – Students need to wear the appropriate uniform for class with correct shoes. Hair must be tied off the face for girls, in a bun for ballet or in a bun/pony tail for other styles.
  • Be respectful to the teacher and other students.
  • Try your best – Students are expected to participate in ALL aspects of the class.
    • If you have an injury please inform us at the start of the class.
    • Parents please do not enter the studio whilst the class is in progress – this is very disrupting and distracting to the students – unless it is an immediate concern, please phone or email Heather/Hayley outside class times for any questions, as we need to start teaching our next class and need to give the students our full attention. We are always happy to talk at lengths about any concern outside of our teaching times and this allows us to give you our full attention.

Parents Watching Week:

Parents are invited to observe classes during the last week of term except in term 4 when we have our concert. Parents are not allowed to watch classes unless it is parents watching week, as it is distracting to the students in the class.

Class Uniform Requirements

(Available from Dance shoes Brisbane and Gold Coast – Please see Kathleen for prices and sizes

Ph: 0432565909)

  • Gerrard’s Navy Leotard and Gerrard’s Pink Short Sleeved Leotard can be worn for all classes
  • Gerrard’s Pink Short Sleeve Leotard – worn for Pre Primary and Primary Ballet Exams.
  • Dance Shorts – Must be worn for Jazz exam’s – Optional for jazz/tap/musical theatre/contemporary/ballroom classes.
  • Ballet – Pink Ballet Shoes – Ribbons required from Grade 1.
  • Ballet tights are to be worn for class for students Grade 3 and above. Students can choose to wear tights or ballet socks for grades 2 and below, for class.
  • Tan Tights are to be worn for class for all other classes for students Level 3 and above.
  • Jazz/Musical Theatre – Black Jazz Shoes
  • Tap – Tan Tap Shoes
  • Ballroom – Black Character shoes for girls and black Character shoes for boys. Ballet skirt may be worn.
  • Contemporary – bare feet or foot thongs
  • Ballet skirts – Navy chiffon wrap skirts must be worn for Cecchetti ballet exams – Pink chiffon circle skirts must be worn for Pre Primary and Primary Ballet exams. Ballet skirts are optional for class, however we prefer no skirts so we can see students legs.
  • Boys uniform for ballet – Gerrard’s White Short Sleeved leotard and navy leggings, white ballet shoes (for exams) – Black ballet shoes can be worn for class.
  • Boys uniform for all other classes – Gerrard’s Navy Tank Top and Gerrard’s Dance Shorts, or navy leggings.


Hair for Girls for Class:

  • Hair is required to be in a neat bun for ballet and a neat ponytail for all other classes. Hair must be off the students face as it is distracting for the students.
  • No Jewellery or makeup to be worn to class. Stud or sleeper earrings are allowed only.
  • For performances and exam’s no jewellery (including earrings) are allowed.
  • A bottle of water is allowed in class only. No food or other drinks allowed.


At GPAC exams are optional but we encourage students to work towards exams in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Latin and Piano.

Benefits of exams include:

·       Sets a goal for the student to work towards.

·       Establishes and maintains good technique

·       Builds confidence and performance skills

·       Exams allow positive feedback from a qualified examiner which helps students to improve and grow as performers

We offer exams in Ballet (RAD and Cecchetti Syllabus) Jazz and Tap (Southern Federation of Dance Syllabus) and Piano (Trinity Syllabus).

All ballet students wishing to do an exam must attend a minimum of 2 classes per week from grade 1. Age restrictions apply to all exams– please see miss Heather or Miss Hayley.

Performance Opportunities:

Throughout the year we are invited to perform at community and school events. All performances are optional. A permission note will be sent out detailing the performance opportunity and you will be asked to bring back the permission slip along with any costume or rehearsal fees associated with performing at the event.

Eisteddfods and Competitions:

Eisteddfods and competitions are also optional. We currently enter into:

·       Beenleigh Eisteddfod

·       QLD Cecchetti Ballet Medal Competition (for students grade 3 and up)

·       RAD Ballet Events and Competitions

For eisteddfods we enter into the solo sections for Drama, Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Piano – Group Section Musical Theatre Senior. Students who wish to compete in eisteddfods and competitions must attend private lessons. Students will require their own costume, or may choose to hire one of our costumes.

End of Year Concert:

Every year we hold our annual end of year concert. It is our end of year celebration showcasing all the students hard work throughout the year. Performing at the concert is optional. All classes will perform at the concert, a routine they have worked on throughout the year, or as part of a production. Costumes and rehearsals are charged as per our term fees.  The week before the concert, we have concert only rehearsals, which all concert students are required to attend. This gives students the opportunity to practice how the concert will run and have a stage blocking. They learn where to stand, what side to come on and off, how long it takes to get changed, where to go, practice for hair and makeup etc – we do these rehearsals so students do not get overwhelmed on the concert day. Costumes are chosen by the teachers, depending on the theme and dance style of the routine.

Term Invoices and Payment Options:

Invoices are emailed to you in the last week of each term. If you wish to receive a paper invoice please let us know. All term fees must be received in full by the first week of term. Please read our term fee policy carefully. Payment options include bank transfer (preferred method), eftpos, and cash.

Term Fee Policy


  • All term fees are non refundable
  • Invoices are emailed in the last week of term. If you are changing classes, you must inform us before the last week of term. If you require a paper invoice please let us know.
  • All term fees must be paid in full in week 1 to receive the discounted term rate. Unless prior notice is given before the invoice is issued that a student will be missing weeks in the term, Term fees will be calculated from week one. Students can opt to pay casually at the casual rate if they know they will be missing classes throughout the term.
  • Casual students paying casual fees must pay on the day before class commences.
  • All term students are given up to 2 makeup lessons per term, if you miss a class. These are non transferrable to other family members, and must be used by the person who missed the class, and before the term ends.
  • Please be advised students will be unable to attend classes until payment has been made. Parents will be notified to pick up students if you have dropped them off without payment.
  • If you pay your fees via bank transfer, please email the receipt to info@gerrardsperformingartscentre.com.au.
  • Unlimited Package Students $550/term per student. This fee is exclusive of all private lessons and extra rehearsals outside of the current timetable.